Single Project

Protocol singing , between D2451-RCC Committee and The Businessmen Association in Alexandria

a Protocol siging event, between District 2451-RCC Committee, chaired by PP Heba Kabel and The Businessmen Association in Alexandria, chaired by Engineer Mohamed Hanno. This protocol agreement will gaurantee microfinance projects for small businesses, thereby securing income for economically challenged families, which is one of the main aspects of this RCC charter.

The event will be held at Safir Hotel, on Tuesday July 19th, 2022 at 7.30 PM

For reservations, kindly contact:

AG Sahar Gadalla
Mob no 0 122 313 2569

PP Hala El Alawy
Mob no 0122 310 2321

Rot Hanaa El.Batran
Mob no 0100 144 8685


AGC Nevine Fayed
Mob no 0 122 315 3905

Rot Amal lakani
Mob no 0 122 354 0991

AG Hader Mito
Mob no 0 122 354 0991

Location Safir Hotel

Start date 2022-07-19

End date 2022-07-19