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Donation to Al Rayyan Village in Fayoum with sewing machines and the sheep project

(The Rotary Club of Alexandria Marine donated sewing machines to the village of Fayoum (the Sustainable Development Project for breadwinner women) Our club also participated in a halal livelihood project "One lamb and 2 goats per family" in the presence of the President of Rotary International Mark Maloney and the Governor of the Rotary District 2451 Dr. Sherif Wali

The Alexandria Rotary Club of Marine participated in Al-Rayyan projects at Yusef Al-Siddiq Center in Fayoum, a view inaugurated by the President of Rotary International, Mark Maloney, and the Governor of the Rotary District, Dr. Sheriff Wali and the Governor of Fayoum d. Ahmed Al-Ansari and Ras / Ola Al-Nu

Location Fayoum

cause: Growing local economies

Start date 2020

End date 2020

club: District

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Number of participants outside club:

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