District Governor Ossama El Ahmar and the start up of work at Al-Ahrar village

District Governor Ossama El Ahmar and the start up of work at Al-Ahrar village. As per our District’s plan for the RotaryYear 2020-2021, the village is going to be developed by the District’s Community Sevice committee. The visit to Al-Ahrar Visit was attended by PP Ola El Noury District Community Service Chairperson, Presidents and members of clubs representing their clubs in the visit. The story behind the choice of this village in particular is as follows: One day this village was called “Slaves Village” a very poor village that  President Abdel Fattah El Sidi changed its name to “Free-people’s village” in Arabic “Al-Ahrar”  the President then suggested the development of this very poor village, As the village lies on Maryout’s Lake Alexandria Governorate, Rotary Egypt took the initiative to develop Al-Hrar village when District Governor Ossama El Ahmar met Alexandria Governor Mahmoud El Sherif, this meeting was attended by Past District Governors, Incoming District Governor and District Committee members. District Governor decides to start up the development to the village studying the cases and the needs of citizens of Al-Ahrar village. It was decided to start with developing 45 houses through water connections, sanitation, ceiling construction , medical convoys, literacy classes, vocational awareness that will lead to Economic Development through small projects that people there can start up with our help, Rotary Egypt will also work on Women Empowerment, Special Needs, a sports-field, blankets for winter and food for needy people. The projected cost of the project is L.E. 3000 and projected number of beneficiaries is 3000.

Through this initiative of Rotary Clubs and District Community Service Committee, Al-Ahrar Village is going to be developed to a productive village hence Rotary Egypt is Opening Opportunities, achieving the target of our Organization with the best image of Rotary in Egypt 🇪🇬