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Posted on : 22/7/2019 By.El Tahrir     start on :2019 End on : 2019
Project Name:Membership Profiles & Bios
Governorates: Cairo
Area Focus :  .  Other Area of focus
Project value in LE:12375
Outcomes / Number of Beneficiaries:63
Collaborated or Partners:RC of El Tahrir


There was an intentional attempt by RC of El Tahrir to document its members (with pictures) and their areas of expertise. This document will be used both as a booklet to be published and distributed to allow Rotary members to familiarize themselves with other members and to include in the Club Runner, members profiles as well as include in the new planned RC of El Tahrir website.
TIME TO PRODUCE:  The design process took about 5 hours.  However, the pictures and the biographies is an ongoing process until the end of August.
COST:  5hrs. X $150 = $750 = LE. 12,375 Design.jpg Indjie Hafez.jpg Hala Allawy.jpg Sec Ghada King.jpg

Profile Design.jpg
P Indjie Hafez.jpg
VP Hala Allawy.jpg
Joint Sec Ghada King.jpg