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Posted on : 22/5/2019 By.El Tahrir     start on :2019 End on : 2020
Project Name:Active Global Grant: Heart2Heart -Pediatric Catheter Non- Invasive Cardiac Procedures
Governorates: Cairo
Area Focus :  .  Other Area of focus
Project value in LE:1167072
Outcomes / Number of Beneficiaries:40 cases
Collaborated or Partners:Cairo University Hospital, WadI El-Neel Hospital, El-Nour Hospital and Suhag Hospital Outpatient Clinics. D2451, Rotarians from different clubs participating in the project will follow up the patients and get feed back from the families of treated children.

Egypt is a country with a population of 100 million with a birth rate of 2.9 which means that we have around 3
million children born each year; within this rate around 35 thousand children with congenital heart disease; 50%
of which will need intervention either surgically or non-surgically; which is a big load on the economy of Egypt.
Therefore, our support is directly needed and is fundamental in this area, because the National Health
Insurance cannot cover all children with congenial heart disease, so they die on the waiting list unless they
receive help from sources such as ours. The national Health Insurance does not cover also the noninvasive
catheter procedures

The project will target 17’000 of which two thirds will need intervention whether catheter or open heart
surgeries. Our target is the sick children who need catheter interventions for their heart defectrs. The project
will help save families in the process, by saving a child. We expect to treat 22-25 children with heart defects in
Cairo and Upper Egypt.

In addition, as we are proposing to treat patients in remote upper Egypt (Suhag Governorate), we will be
training young doctors, technicians and specialized nurses in the cath lab and ICU on the procedures and the
aftercare of these children and transferring specialized knowledge. A whole team of doctors, nurses and technician will travel to upper Egypt to perform the procedures and train the local team.

A training course will be organized and local doctors and nurses from other hospitals will be invited to attend.
We expect to train 12 -15 doctors and nurses and technicians. We also expect attendance of about 50 doctors to
the lectures.

Our Moto is to serve children wherever they are.

Save A Child

Save A Family.


Participating Rotarians

RC of El Tahrir - Host

RC of El Mansouria

RC Heliopolis Sporting

RC Sakkara

RC Alexandria Sunrise

RC Cairo Rhine-Nile

RC Cairo North

RC Alexandria Rakouda

RC Sohag Al-Jadid

RC Giza North

RC Tullun

RC Pelgrave

Participating Districts



For more information please visit our Global Grant PDF Grant Record.pdf

Global Grant Record.pdf